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Audiophile and DIY Links

With Google you just about can't go wrong looking for audio sites, but here are a few places I find useful. (updated January 2018)

Resource Links

Start Here

Bottlehead Kits Fantastic instructions, musical and designs, expand your world!
(Many great people on their forums to help, too)
Audio Asylum FAQ list
the Vinyl Asylum Great discussion area - use search!
Duncan Amps Tube Specs Database and Cool Technical Assistance Pete Millet's gargantuan effort to scan and free old tube lore

Selected Great Blogs, or Whatever You Call this OCD Wonderfulness

Sound Practices Magazine Somewhat online, big fun!
(send some love to Joe Roberts for the full CD!)
JE Labs Joseph Esmilla has written much, we're following in his footsteps
Lilienthal Engineering 100 Tube amp milestones, great story
Vintage Retro HiFi Relentlessly curious and always worth a look, years of posts here!
HiFi Heroin Jeffrey Jackson and Dave Slagle are holed up in Catskill NY making weird and wonderful systems
Vinyl Savor Thomas Mayer makes fiendishly clever audio projects
(and has a great 'tube of the month' series)
DIY Audio Shows you how it's done... lots of breadboards and amplifier projects
EletraVolt Horns, open baffles, Western Electric meanderings, Triode Festivals...

Where to Buy Tubes

Antique Electronic Supply
Tube Depot
The Tube Store
SND Tube Sales
Electron Tubes for Industry
Arizona Tube Audio
Or, check eBay.
You can also find piles of tubes, both old and NOS (New Old Stock) at swap meets for short-wave radio fans (AKA, Hamfests) - they are more common than you think...
Find a nearby Hamfest

Esoteric Tube Amp Parts Vendors

K & K Audio Kevin Carter, local tube legend, sells Lundahl iron, kits, DACs, amps...
Antique Electronic Supply Parts and Tubes
Angela Instruments Parts, Tubes, used to sell Audio Note kits
V-Caps Teflon Capacitors, specialty wire, from Chris Ven Haus
Triode Electronics Parts and Tubes
Parts Connexion Canadian speciality Parts and Tubes

Big Deal Parts Suppliers (giant online stores specializing in 'normal' parts)

Mouser Electronics Lotsa Parts
Digi-Key Electronics More Parts
Newark Electronics More Parts
MCM Electronics Unique inexpensive speaker drivers, part of Newark electonics
Parts Express Electronics, digital amps, speakers, drivers, parts, a few tubes

Chassis and Metal Sites

Online Metals Source for small orders, precut, great service!
IAG Audio Beautiful enclosures, Shallco switches and transformer attenuators
McMaster-Carr Sorbothane, oddball hardware, huge catalog

Speaker Drivers and Crossovers

Madisound Fostex, Audax, SB, Silver FLute - pretty much everything
Lowther Full-range speakers with high-efficiency
Jammin' Jersey When you get the jones for some alnico drivers, this Pro-Audio site is fair and usually has a great stock of vintage horns, drivers, and woofers
Parts Express Electronics, parts, speaker kits and drivers
MCM Electronics Many unique inexpensive speaker drivers
True Audio Speaker Design Software
Speaker References
Primer on Lowther Loudpeakers by Bert Doppenberg, on the Stereophile site
LSDG DIY Loudspeaker Designer's Selection Guide
Inlow Sound Paper horns and lots of interesting basshorn ideas

Because I love these guys

Experience Music Jeffrey Jackson in Memphis - Dang good Tube Amps, astonishing horn setups
the DowdyLama Jim Dowdy near Asheville, NC builds crazy-heavy GM70 amps and other good things

Links to Turntable Stuff

Brit Audio Great deals on Rega tonarms and other British imports
Sumiko Owns Sonus Faber and other brands - turntables and cartridges
Needle Doctor Online retailer
the Elusive Disc Vinyl + cartridges, some turntables too
Music Direct Online retailer, Vinyl and gear
Elex Atelier The only good Empire replacement belts found so far...

Headphones and Headphone Amps Another Discussion site on Headphones Another good Discussion site
Headroom Corporation